The £60 Tarot Card Reading in Manchester

We have recently discovered that luxury department store, Harvey Nichols in Manchester are charging over £60 for a half hour Tarot Card Reading…

A quick search on Eventbrite today has revealed that on 1st Feb you can have your Tarot Cards read at Harvey Nics for a whopping £60.64p, (including booking fees). Given that booking slots are every 30 minutes, I’m guessing that you’ll probably only be sat at the table for 25 minutes maximum.

The listing doesn’t suggest that you get a glass of champagne to enjoy with your reading, although at that price, you’d certainly expect it! Neither does it suggest that you are given a limited edition set of gilt edged Tarot Cards to keep afterwards.

Now, don’t get me wrong… I’m not saying there is anything especially wrong with charging £60 for a half hour reading and not offering something such as a glass of bubbly or a memento. Renting a space in such a prestigeous location in Manchester City Centre probably comes at a price, that has to either be absorbed by the reader, or passed on to the client.

At the end of the day, the market dictates the price. If people are happy to pay £60 for a tarot card reading, that is fine – as long as they can genuinely afford it (but that is a question for the client and the reader to ask themselves). I have personally charged similar prices, and more, for readings, but only when I’m satisfied that it is ethically right to do so.

Give a man a fish… Teach a man to fish…

Paying £60 for a Tarot Reading is all well and good if that is what you want to do with your money. But what if, you could learn the art of Tarot Reading, and much more for £60?

You’d never have to pay £60 for a reading again… In fact you could be the one charging £60 per reading!

Imagine taking your £60 and investing it into learning the secrets of Tarot Cards, Cartomancy, Dendrographology, The Lazy Person’s Astrology System, Numerology, or how to develop your own unique reading system with other objects…

And for just an extra £15 more than a half hour reading at Harvey Nichols, you could not only have the skills to conduct readings, but also the tools!

  • Learn all of the above plus lots more,
  • Buy your own pack of Tarot Cards (for approximately £10)
  • Have enough change left over for a great pint of real ale in one of the best venues in Greater Manchester,
  • And have the skills for life to conduct your own readings for family, friends and paying clients… taught by someone who has read the fortunes of thousands of people and is one of only a small handful of professional readers to have an Honorary Doctorate in Divination!

Could you be charging £60+ per 30min reading in 2020? Yes you could. And as the link above proves, there are definitely people willing to pay for it!

But even being realistic and charging half that price when you start out, you could recoup your small investment in just two readings… that is just 1 hour!

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