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The Secrets of Fortune Telling for Fun & Profit

Pre-recorded Training Course – Chesterfield 2018

Invest into this bumper package and we can GUARANTEE that you will never need to purchase any form of other Fortune Telling Training Materials of any Kind ever again…

This is without doubt the World’s Most Comprehensive Home Study Video Assisted Training Package on Psychic Divination & Fortune Telling of all types.

  • Do you ever wonder what the future might have in store for you?
  • Have you ever wished you could read the Tarot Cards for Friends and Family?
  • Are you looking for a new career or an additional income that is fun, unique and lets you meet new and interesting people?

Then Join International Psychic Entertainer & Fortune Teller Dr. Stuart “Harrizon” Cassels, one of only a handful of Psychic Entertainers to hold an Honorary Doctorate in Divination, for this intensive 1 day workshop which will help turn even the complete novice into a Confident, Competent & Highly Accurate Fortune Teller.

Filmed at a live event and presented here as online Training videos this package is worth it’s weight in gold and will take even the complete Novice to Advanced Professional Psychic Reader and Fortune Telling Expert Standard with ease, whilst also teaching established readers many news tips. tricks and techniques along the way.

This unique workshop is designed so that no matter what your previous experience of fortune telling is, you will be able to read the future for yourself, family, friends and even paying clients.

Whether you are a Genuine “Shut Eye” Fortune Teller or an “Open Eyed” Psychic Entertainer, or are completely new to these areas and would just like to add some profitable new talents to your tool kit, then this is the perfect event for you.

Thanks to the proven Accelerated Learning Systems and Magical Memory Methods used by Harrizon by the end of the day you will have easily, enjoyably & effectively learnt:

  • The Meanings of all 78 Tarot Cards.
  • How to Conduct Professional-Standard Tarot Readings for yourself, family and friends.
  • Various Tarot Card Spreads to answer a variety of questions.
  • The Meanings of the 52 Playing Cards for Fortune Telling.
  • How to Conduct Cartomancy (Playing Card) Readings.
  • The simple Numerology System that Harrizon regularly uses at parties, events, and when discussing his skills with potential clients.
  • The Lazy Man’s Guide to Star Sign Astrological Readings.
  • Palmistry for Character Readings.

Plus you will also discover:

  • How to develop your intuition enabling you to give readings with Sand, Gem Stones, Tree Drawings, Tea Leaves & other traditional divination systems.
  • How to develop your own, unique systems for fortune telling with other objects, that work, and will help you stand out as unique at Psychic Fairs, Mind Body & Spirit (MBS) events etc.
  • How to heighten your own Genuine Psychic Powers to increase the accuracy of all the readings you give.
  • Stuart’s views on the modern day Psychic Industry, and how to be an ethical Fortune Teller.
  • Stuart’s Special Guest Jonathan Royle reveals the Easy to Use and even easier to remember memory System for giving impressive Professional Rune Stone Readings in next to no time.

Here’s is what a few of our students had to say about the training course contents you are about to get on video:

I want to thank Dr. Stuart Harrizon Cassels for his amazing workshop last weekend teaching the Tarot cards and other techniques. Stuart is very professional, adds in some humour but his wealth of knowledge and what he gives in the session one can’t possibly put into words. Everyone on the course adored it and we all were so excited by what we were learning. He simplifies things so you can understand what you need to know. He is a very gentle, kind and genuinely nice man! I can thoroughly recommend Stuart as I have attended many of his workshops and always come home feeling full of eagerness to get started on what I’ve learned.
Susie Lawrence

Excellent training by Stuart – Interactive methods took out memory work with his unique system. Every time I look at packet of cards or tarot cards now I instantly remember his way of reading them. Learnt so much in such a short time.
Roy Brownlowe

Thanks Stuart for a truly wonderful and enlightening training course. So many things I will be able to put into practice.
Heather Wood

A truly educational experience. Thank you so much.
Lee Darren

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Price: £197