Ways to Make Money as a Fortune Teller

And other questions answered…

You are probably sat at home, reading this blog, and wondering if you should book on our next Fortune Telling course… You probably have so many questions running around your head right now…

  • Is the course worth the investment?
  • Will I really learn everything promised?
  • What can I expect from the course?
  • Can I revise, and continue learning at home?
  • How can I earn my investment back?

Let’s tackle each of these questions one by one, and put your mind at ease…

Is the course worth the investment?

We genuinely believe that the price of our courses is excellent value for money, and represents a great investment – if you put the work in to learning the systems taught, and of course, make an effort to get work afterwards.

As a fortune teller in the UK you can expect to earn between £30 – £100+ per hour, depending on your location, marketing, and your business model. With this in mind, it is easy to see that the money spent on a course, to give you the tools to become a confident, accurate and ethical teller of fortunes, can easily be recouped very quickly.

Will I really learn everything promised?

It might seem that we are promising to teach you the entire world of fortune telling in a very short space of time – and in a way we are… because we have a secret that most course trainers don’t know about – we cut out all the unnecessary crap and get straight to the point.

There are hundreds of courses being held around the country, where groups of people meet to meditate on the meaning of a single tarot card each week. That is nearly a year and a half of each student’s time being spent just on the meanings of tarot cards! At The Academy of Fortune Telling, we can teach you the meanings of all 78 cards in about an hour and a half. That isn’t a week per card – that is approximately 1 minute per card!

Yes it sounds insane. It seems impossible. It sounds completely unrealistic to be able to learn so much information in such a short period of time. And you might be asking yourself “if it really is that easy, why is the new age therapy centre down the road from me taking a year and a half to teach the same information?”

There are several possible reasons… take your pick…

  • By going on similar courses, in the past, to the one they are running now, they have been brainwashed into believing that this is the only way to teach and learn the tarot.
  • By spreading the course out over a year or more, they believe they can earn more money, by encouraging you to come back for the next chapter.
  • Some tutors might not know the meanings of all the cards off by heart, and by concentrating on one card a week, it gives them 6 days in between lessons to brush up on the meanings.
  • The individuals running the course may not have the experience in fortune telling, or teaching that we have. Further more, they may not have studied accelerated learning and memory systems that can help students learn the essentials and get out there to start reading.

Let’s be frank. We are not saying that there is anything wrong with such courses, or those that teach them. No doubt they are a great opportunity to learn, socialise, and to feel part of a group. Like more conventional night classes, many student will sign up just for the social aspect, with very little intention of ever becoming professional fortune tellers. If we weren’t so busy reading fortunes for clients, and sharing our knowledge with our students, we would probably sign up to a weekly group class!

However, we are in the business of creating professional fortune tellers who can go out and practise what we teach. It is our students best interests, and therefore ours, to get them out and reading as soon as possible – not in 18 months time.

Our courses don’t just focus on tarot cards though. We like to give our students as much information as possible, to that they have all the tools necessary to be the best they can. For that reason, we share information on Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology and more.

Is it the most in-depth course available? Probably not! But it is, in our opinion, based on our extensive experience and knowledge of fortune telling, the best course for those who want to start earning money as a fortune teller.

What can I expect from the course?

We’ve already explained that the course will be an intensive learning curve with lots of information shared throughout the day. But you can relax – it’s not like studying for exams at school. All of our courses are fun, with a few laughs, surprises, and one or two anecdotes that will certainly make you smile. This is a subject we are very passionate about, and we hope that this passion shows in our teaching methods.

We use a range of easily recalled mnemonics and other memory systems & aids to help you quickly grasp each topic… the same memory aids that we still use ourselves at times when working large events and house parties.

What we won’t have you doing, is breaking off into small groups to read for each other during the day. We believe that your time is far more valuable than that, and from our experience of courses in subjects such as NLP, we believe that such exercises are completely pointless.

Can I revise, and continue learning at home?

If you genuinely feel the need to, then yes. Every student has their own pace of learning. Some students can happily leave the course at 6pm and start reading for their first client at 6.30pm. Other students would rather revise the systems taught, and feel more confident waiting a week or two before booking their first clients. There is no right or wrong way to approach this, and whatever you are most confident in doing is obviously the best for you.

All of our students leave the course with access to our online resources – video recordings to watch at their leisure, to help refresh the memory. And we are currently in the process of creating a massive online resource centre for our students, where they can access these videos plus much more information, including promotional templates, ebooks, and much more.

Whatever you choose to do, regarding continued studying or going out and turning your new found knowledge into a new career, we always remind our students that it is best to keep practising. Like many skills,

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