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Exclusive Offers for TikTok Followers

Dr Harrizon is extremely grateful to everyone following him on TikTok, and as a small gesture to show his appreciation, for those wanting to consult him with personal one-to-one tarot card readings, there are a range of exclusive readings and discounts for his TikTok followers.

Three Card Mini Reading (Recorded)

TikTok Exclusive

Discover what the Cards say about your Past, Present and Future. A three card mini reading is a quick look at he three areas of your life, and typically lasts no more than 5 minutes.

Please note – this is exclusive to TikTok followers, and is only available as a recording.

Typical Turnaround within 24 hours

Earn 1 Pentacle per Reading

Price: £10 / 6 Pentacles

Payment by Paypal

Eight Card Reading

Currently our most popular requested reading.

Using his very own 8 card spread, taught on his professional courses, this reading is far more in depth than a three card reading, and covers a wide range of areas of your life.

If there are particular areas or issues you want to your reading to concentrate on, please give details in your application.

Typical Turnaround within 24 hours

Earn 3 Pentacles per Reading

Price: £20 / 18 Pentacles

(Usual Price £30)

Payment by Paypal

Eight Card Reading
(Live on Zoom)

Similar to our Recorded Eight Card Reading, but live on Zoom.

Due to his busy schedule, Dr Harrizon is only available for a small number of live Zoom readings each week, and these are strictly by appointment, and at limited times.

Earn 5 Pentacles per Reading

Price: £40 / 30 Pentacles

(Usual Price £50)

Please email for details.

12 Month Reading

An in-depth reading looking at the next 12 months, month by month.

A very popular spread for December and early January every year.

Earn 4 Pentacles per Reading

Only £30 / 24 Pentacles

Payment by Paypal

Introducing the FTA Tarot Readings Loyalty Card!

We have are pleased to announce that we have created a Loyalty Card for our clients. This means that after a minimum of 6 readings with Dr Harrizon and The Fortune Telling Academy, you will be able to claim a Free Tarot Card Reading for yourself – or even gift it to a friend!

How it works:

Each reading will earn you a number of “Pentacles” – or stamps on your virtual loyalty card. When you have had 6 paid for readings, you will be able to exchange your Pentacles for a free reading – or continue collecting more Pentacles for a more in depth, higher valuable reading. Every time you book a reading we will email you with an update of how many Pentacles you have on your virtual loyalty card. When you are ready to exchange your Pentacles, send us an email, and we will arrange your reading as usual. Any unused Pentacles will be carried over for next time.

Already had readings with Dr Harrizon? – We Have Good News For You!

If you have already had readings with Dr Harrizon, you will automatically be awarded Pentacles for each of those readings! Yes, we are back dating all loyalty points for previous customers. Please note that this will take us a little time to calculate back dated Pentacles.

The small print:

Your Virtual Loyalty card and Pentacles have no actual cash value and can only be exchanged for a tarot reading. You can not assign, gift, sell, or otherwise combine Pentacles with another person. You may choose to gift a free reading obtained by collecting pentacles to another person, such as a family member or friend, however you can not sell your free reading to a third party, or exchange it in any other way for goods or services. You must have had a minimum of 6 paid for readings before claiming your free reading. Once a free reading has been claimed, your reading count will be reset to zero, and you will start again on the 6 reading cycle. Any left over Pentacles will however be carried over to your next card.

What does 2021 have in store for you?

Watch your free, general tarot card reading detailing some of the things you can expect from the New Year. For a more in depth and personal reading, you can book a One to One Tarot Card Reading with Dr Harrizon, below…

Readings Terms & Conditions

Turnaround Time: We aim to record and upload your reading within 24 hours of receiving payment. Sometimes, due to prior commitments, or an exceptionally busy day of readings, this may not be possible. On these rare occasions, we will do everything possible to get you your reading uploaded within 48 hours, or advise you of the expected delay, by email, or on this page. All readings are recorded in the order received, and we are committed to providing the best quality reading and recording possible.
Uploaded videos: Your video will be uploaded to our YouTube account as a private unlisted video, and the link emailed to you to the address provided by PayPal. We will only email the link to the email address used to purchase the reading. It is your responsibility to ensure that you can access emails at this address. Your video will remain on our account for a minimum of 30 days. We reserve the right to remove the video from our account after this time. In certain circumstances, we will consider sharing your video with our academy students for training purposes. This will only be done after 30 days has passed, and if the video / link doesn’t contain any information that could clearly identify you (except for a first name). If you do not wish for your video to be used for training purposes, please email us within 30 days of payment, including your full name, and where possible the private link to your video.
Payments and Refunds: Your payment, processed with PayPal, is to cover the time of your reader and the associated expenses of conducting the reading, recording, uploading the video etc. As detailed in our training courses, all readings are conducted as ethically as possible, and we cannot be responsible or liable for the content of any reading or interpretation of a single card, or cards. Your reader is not qualified to discuss health matters, and any concerns regarding any medical issues should be discussed with your GP or similar health-care professional. Similarly we will not respond to requests for winning lotto numbers, sports match scores etc. If we feel your requests are unfair, absurd, or dangerous, we reserve the right to provide you with a general reading, or to refund your payment. Please note that any refund that is considered outside of our control will be subject to a deduction of any PayPal fees.
Fortune Telling, The Law, and Intended Purposes: All readings, unless specified otherwise, are conducted within the UK, and should be considered to be for entertainment purposes only, as detailed by the Consumer Protection Act. At no point should any reading be considered to be medical, financial, legal, or other professional advice. Neither this site, it’s operator, or the reader can be held responsible for any loss incurred for whatever reason. If the law regarding Fortune Telling and the interpretation of Tarot Cards is different in your locality, it up to you to ensure that your purchase conforms to your local regulations.

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